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I’ve made a “mesh”

#edcetera  |  2018.04.15

Technology advances really quickly. This week, you buy a wi-fi router at a sale then next week comes out a new model. Better specifications but at a higher price. Normally I would wait for a few months for the new item to go on sale but by then it will become obsolete, again.

So now I ended up with a number of wi-fi routers because I was buying the router that was on sale at that time. I’m only interested in the routers that can share 3G/4G internet. I have 5 types in total but only 2 are being used at a time for my two internet lines. One for my internet when I’m out of the house while the other for when I’m home.

I am currently using tp-link’s TL-MR6400 for my house with the sim card slot integrated with the router. I used to use tp-link’s TL-MR3420 but the 3G USB I’m using is old and would occasionally disconnect from the internet. Before that, I was using tp-link’s TL-MR3020, one of the earlier cheap versions in the market. So you see how I ended up having so many routers.

Browsing for newer network switch technology in the internet, I realized then that these same old routers can be used to extend my existing router’s coverage to the areas of our house where the signal could not be detected. In doing so, my old routers are now serving a different purpose: wi-fi extenders.

I setup my old tp-link router TL-MR3020 as a “repeater” and connected it to my current router. In doing so, I have extended my current router’s coverage. Now the whole house is covered. Even in the toilet. 🙂

Like I said at the start, technology advances very quickly. Even now, the networking “solution” that I just did has become obsolete (or maybe I just didn’t get it sooner.) Read more from the link below. For now, I’m happy with my home network. No more “dark spots” at home. Cheers!

Router extension vs Mesh wifi