About Me

I was born in the Year of the Water Ox under the sign of Pisces.

I have all the traits of people under the water sign: emotional, patient, intelligent, loyal, creative, etc.

This is my creative outlet. This is where I share my everyday nuances, be it something about the food that I will eat at that moment or something that I saw while on the road. It could be something that I heard or that I’m listening to; something that I have read.

I like to take pictures. Let’s call it an occasional hobby. I do have a decent DSLR camera but most of the photos that I have taken so far are using my mobile phone; whatever brand I’m using nowadays. However, I am a bit impartial to Sony. Don’t ask me why.

My work allows me to travel to different countries. Some of my photos here will be from those travels. It could be some place that I went to in the past or something that is happening at this very moment.

I also like to watch movies, read graphic novels (comic books!), and browsing the internet. Some of those stuff may find their way here.

Anyway, these are from me to you and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did.