Early evening walk 

When I woke up from a long siesta (I felt sleepy after doing some drawings earlier…), I decided to go for a walk. I realized that it rained in the afternoon while I was asleep. It’s good as it cooled down the early evening temperature. 

It was already half past six when I started off from the house. The sun was not yet set though, so I took a few photos  along the way…

Those were the stairs going to the jogging/walking path along the catchment. There were a few joggers that I saw at that time.

When I reached the end of our road, I turned right and walked along the Dairy Farm Road. I found that the construction (photo)  above is for a German school building. I did not see when it will be completed but from the look of things it could be late 2017.

When I reached the end of Dairy Farm Road, I turned right again and walked along Upper Bukit Timah where the Church of St. Joseph is situated. I also noticed the moon rise as I passed by the place.

I caught the moon again as the back drop of the houses along Cashew road by the park.

Before reaching the corner of Bukit Panjang and Upper Bukit Timah, I walked along the catchment and took a photo of it too.

As I turned right at the end of the pathway, I took a picture of the moon for the last time tonight.

My walk took an hour to complete. Check out the map below.

Check out my walk on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/895617428/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-US&v=1489232809


Sunset view from sky level

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Dateline 2016.12.04. ION Sky. 218m above street level… 

Sunset through 4 glass panels.
Sunset through 3 glass panels.

Jog-walk around the block

Morning jog walk around our block. I didn’t hit the recommended 4km minimum but I got to see different sceneries including a…peeping doggy!

Peeping doggy…😊

I saw the (morning)  milky way along Cashew Road…

Morning milky way along Cashew Road

The new Cashew Park…

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On the way back, this is the jogging path along the water canal.

Finally, the shot…

Enjoy life to the fullest. May we all have a great day…always!


Morning walk

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Since I woke up early today,  I decided to go for a walk. I ended up completing 5.5kms including getting some fresh groceries from a nearby store, about 3.5kms away. <😁>

Along the way,  I took some photos in places where I stopped occasionally. 

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And a few close ups… 

Morning dew
Zooming in…
Mini spheres of blue…

Great walk! 

Missed bus stop

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So I missed my usual bus stop going to office. I had to alight at the next stop but I decided to walk back towards the office instead. Here’s what I saw along the way. The new Mediacorp Campus!

Turns out, I walked 1.1km from the bus stop after my usual stop going back to the office.

Lunch @ Timbre

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My colleagues and I decided to eat at Timbre which is near our work place. It was a warm and sunny day but the al fresco tables were in the shadow of a building and a light breeze was blowing against it. We don’t normally eat inside Timbre because of the lunch time crowd in addition to the warm air that builds up inside it.

DSC_0233[1] DSC_0234[1]

Find your way to Timbre with the map below…