Longsilog – a tagalog word derived from LONGanisa, SInangag, and itLOG. In english, they are pork sausages, fried rice and egg, respectively. These dishes are cooked mostly in the morning but nowadays it can be lunch or dinner too.

The longanisa or pork sausages are made from a mixture of ground fatty pork, garlic and spices then stuffed in the pig’s intestines. There are many versions of the longanisa from different regions in the Philippines. The version in the photo is made in Vigan, a town at the North. It is about 4-6 hours from Manila via the North Expressway. This sausage version is the none sweet type. It tastes slightly salty and it is best paired with vinegar mixed with garlic and pepper dip.

The sinangag or fried rice is a simple mix of garlic and leftover rice. It is stir fried with a bit of oil (preferably from the oil produced after the longanisa is cooked) and seasoned with salt to taste. While stir frying the rice, mix a bit of the longanisa oil to add flavor into the rice.

The eggs, in this case, are simply fried. I prefer it that way. It can be modified according to your liking but, so far, simple a fried egg is the best for this combo.



Early evening walk 

When I woke up from a long siesta (I felt sleepy after doing some drawings earlier…), I decided to go for a walk. I realized that it rained in the afternoon while I was asleep. It’s good as it cooled down the early evening temperature. 

It was already half past six when I started off from the house. The sun was not yet set though, so I took a few photos  along the way…

Those were the stairs going to the jogging/walking path along the catchment. There were a few joggers that I saw at that time.

When I reached the end of our road, I turned right and walked along the Dairy Farm Road. I found that the construction (photo)  above is for a German school building. I did not see when it will be completed but from the look of things it could be late 2017.

When I reached the end of Dairy Farm Road, I turned right again and walked along Upper Bukit Timah where the Church of St. Joseph is situated. I also noticed the moon rise as I passed by the place.

I caught the moon again as the back drop of the houses along Cashew road by the park.

Before reaching the corner of Bukit Panjang and Upper Bukit Timah, I walked along the catchment and took a photo of it too.

As I turned right at the end of the pathway, I took a picture of the moon for the last time tonight.

My walk took an hour to complete. Check out the map below.

Check out my walk on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/895617428/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-US&v=1489232809